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You can find detailed information for all the clips on this site in the table below. The clips are initially sorted by release date with the most recent first, but you can sort them however you wish. You can also search for clips using keywords. (Clip details are also found on the model’s own clips page.)

TitleSize (MB)FormatLengthRelease Date
Sarah J Kitchen76.51280x720p-WMV5:2019/08/2011
Sarah J Bed Part One86.91280x720p-WMV5:1020/08/2011
Sarah J Bed Part Two99.51280x720p-WMV5:3020/08/2011
Sarah J Chair Part One86.31280x720p-WMV4:5020/08/2011
Sarah J Chair Part Two56.11280x720p-WMV3:5420/08/2011
Sarah J Coffee Table Part One78.51280x720p-WMV3:4920/08/2011
Sarah J Coffee Table Part Two71.41280x720p-WMV3:5020/08/2011
Sarah J Sofa Part One59.61280x720p-WMV3:3720/08/2011
Sarah J Sofa Part Two59.61280x720p-WMV3:1720/08/2011
Sammi Jo Kitchen Part One81.31920x1080p-WMV3:0704/02/2012
Sammi Jo Kitchen Part Two1011920x1080p-WMV4:4704/02/2012
Sammi Jo Sofa Part One1441920x1080p-WMV4:0305/02/2012
Sammi Jo Sofa Part Two1671920x1080p-WMV4:0505/02/2012
Sammi Jo Non-Stop Foot Rubbing Marathon1011920x1080p-WMV4:0205/02/2012
Sammi Jo Comp Desk1391920x1080p-WMV5:0306/02/2012
Sammi Jo On The Floor Rub1311920x1080p-WMV4:5207/02/2012
Sammi Jo Bed Part One82.21920x1080p-WMV3:5808/02/2012
Sammi Jo Bed Part Two69.41920x1080p-WMV3:2608/02/2012
Sammi Jo Armchair Part One1501920x1080p-WMV5:0114/02/2012
Sammi Jo Armchair Part Two1351920x1080p-WMV4:3114/02/2012
Camilla P Kitchen Part One2201920x1080p-WMV5:5712/06/2012
Camilla P Kitchen Part Two1931920x1080p-WMV5:1312/06/2012
Camilla P Chair Part One1601920x1080p-WMV4:2120/06/2012
Camilla P Chair Part Two1891920x1080p-WMV5:0720/06/2012
Camilla P Bed Part One1541920x1080p-WMV4:1223/06/2012
Camilla P Bed Part Two1731920x1080p-WMV4:4223/06/2012
Camilla P Bed Part Three1791920x1080p-WMV4:3923/06/2012
Camilla P Floor Part One1851920x1080p-WMV5:0130/06/2012
Camilla P Floor Part Two1621920x1080p-WMV4:2430/06/2012
Camilla P Sofa Part One1881920x1080p-WMV5:0603/07/2012
Camilla P Sofa Part Two2131920x1080p-WMV5:4603/07/2012
Camilla P Sofa Part Three1771920x1080p-WMV4:4803/07/2012
Camilla P Bedroom Floor Part One1641920x1080p-WMV4:2808/07/2012
Camilla P Bedroom Floor Part Two1801920x1080p-WMV4:5308/07/2012
Donna B Bed Part One2221920x1080p-WMV6:0120/07/2012
Donna B Bed Part Two1821920x1080p-WMV4:5620/07/2012
Donna B Chair Part One1951920x1080p-WMV5:1725/07/2012
Donna B Chair Part Two1541920x1080p-WMV4:1225/07/2012
Donna B Table Top Part One2371920x1080p-WMV6:2403/08/2012
Donna B Table Top Part Two1831920x1080p-WMV4:5803/08/2012
Donna B Sofa Part One1991920x1080p-WMV5:2405/08/2012
Donna B Sofa Part Two2361920x1080p-WMV6:2305/08/2012
Donna B Sofa Part Three1261920x1080p-WMV3:2705/08/2012
Donna B Floor Part One1591920x1080p-WMV4:1918/08/2012
Donna B Floor Part Two1131920x1080p-WMV3:0418/08/2012
Donna B Bathroom Sink Part One1511920x1080p-WMV4:0631/08/2012
Donna B Bathroom Sink Part Two1841920x1080p-WMV4:5831/08/2012
Donna B Bathroom Sink Part Three1901920x1080p-WMV5:0831/08/2012
Danielle S Cushion Part One2441920x1080p-WMV6:3604/11/2012
Danielle S Cushion Part Two1441920x1080p-WMV3:5504/11/2012
Danielle S Sofa Part One1941920x1080p-WMV5:1513/11/2012
Danielle S Sofa Part Two1751920x1080p-WMV4:4513/11/2012
Danielle S Non-Stop Foot Rubbing Marathon Part One1941920x1080p-WMV5:1501/12/2012
Danielle S Non-Stop Foot Rubbing Marathon Part Two1511920x1080p-WMV4:0601/12/2012
Danielle S Office Chair Part One1921920x1080p-WMV5:1124/12/2012
Danielle S Office Chair Part Two1451920x1080p-WMV3:5624/12/2012
Danielle S Coffee Table Part One2021920x1080p-WMV5:2709/03/2013
Danielle S Coffee Table Part Two1821920x1080p-WMV4:5509/03/2013
Danielle S Chair Part One1881920x1080p-WMV5:0627/07/2013
Danielle S Chair Part Two1771920x1080p-WMV4:4827/07/2013
Dani-Elle Sofa Part One1901920x1080p-WMV5:0819/02/2014
Dani-Elle Sofa Part Two1791920x1080p-WMV4:5119/02/2014
Dani-Elle Sofa Part One Three1971920x1080p-WMV5:1919/02/2014

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