Q: Do you offer complete discretion?
A: Your orders are completely discrete and nothing will be posted out to you. Everything is done electronically via email, etc. If you pay by card through Paypal (rather than your Paypal funds), your bank statement will show “Paypal: FFR”. It will not show our website name or what you bought whatsoever. If you use Paypal funds, then nothing will show up on your bank statement as you’ve not used your card.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?
A: We currently accept payments through Paypal and bank transfer. Paypal is a secure payment gateway – an https prefix and a padlock will appear to denote a secure, encrypted connection. Also, there is no need to have an account with Paypal if you do not already do so – just pay with your debit/credit card the normal way on the secure Paypal payment form. To do a bank transfer, please email us.

Q: How can I order?
A: You can order either 1) through the Clip Store which will list all the available clips for all the models listed alphabetically 2) or through the randomly displayed clips 3) or through clicking on a model’s profile and then choosing the clips available for that chosen model. Simply add them to your cart using the one click buy now button!

Q: I’ve bought some clips. How do I download them?
A: You should be redirected to our site immediately upon payment, which will confirm your order as well as provide you with the download links (you may have to click on the payments page to be redirected). Also, an email will be sent to you, usually immediately depending on your email provider, with the links to download them. Ensure to check your spam folder if nothing is found in your general inbox!

Q: How long are the links valid for?
A: The links will work for up to 48 hours, so please do download your items before they expire. Right click the links and choose the appropriate option in order to save it to your hard drive. Once saved, you can view them whenever you want for as long as you want without expiry.

Q: Why can’t I view additional images for each clip?
A: If you’re using Internet Explorer, then sometimes the browser is unable to display them all properly. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox as it does display all the images. Usually, there are 4 additional thumbnail images for each clip.

Q: Do you offer picture images for sale?
A: We currently only focus on video clips considering this site is all about foot on foot rubbing. Images are something we may consider in the future depending on customer requests and feedback. However, we will upload to the website free high quality enhanced images taken from the clips that are just too good not to.

Q: Do you offer DVDs of the clips for sale?
A: We understand that not everyone can get access to high speed internet connection. Hence, we’re happy to burn them on a DVD and post them out to you (local and international) as long as a minimum of 6 clips are ordered. We’ll keep the packaging plain for your discretion. If a DVD is what you’re after, please email us with the clips you’re interested in and we’ll get back to you.

Q: Why are the videos jerky during playback and not smooth?
A: The videos are in HD hence do use a lot of computer resources to play them. Most computers will be able to play them with no problems. Only some very old computers are unable to play HD videos properly as they were not built to play them. If you’re having problems you can either buy an upgraded computer or alternatively use a video converter program to convert to a format that will play smoothly. E.g., you can convert them to a format that uses less bitrate or even to a standard video format. Also, Windows Media Player seems to handle WMV videos better than some other players. Try that before you decide to change anything! Even adding extra RAM can improve playback performance significantly.

Q: How do I unsubscribe from the newsletter?
A: To unsubscribe, please contact us or click the unsubscribe link sent with all newsletters.

Q: I have a few suggestions/feedback. How do I contact you?
A: Suggestions/feedback are always welcome. Just use the contact form available through the “Contact Us” page or email us directly at contact@footonfootrubbing.com. Please do not diverge away too much with your suggestions and keep it to the website’s theme where possible which is foot on foot rubbing.

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