Do you admire a female’s beautiful bare feet? Even better, what if a gorgeous girl started to exquisitely and elegantly rub her feet together? Now, wouldn’t that just be breathtaking and truly an art form? Well then what are you waiting for, we have just that right here for you! Watch our HD video clips and enjoy the mesmerising foot on foot rubbing from our talented and sexy foot models right now. Even if you’re a general foot lover, there are definitely beautiful, divine soles here for you too.

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This site was last updated on: 21st July 2014
Clip added: Dani-Elle In Purple Boots

The amateur site was last updated on:  25th January 2015
Clip added: Lucy S Sofa

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Click below to view the Danielle S teaser.
(Note: The original clips are of a much higher quality & resolution!)



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